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Happy FamilySponsorships

As a sponsor, you are crucial to our mission to educate Guatemalan youth, who can then work to bring significant improvement to the socioeconomic conditions in their country. Your tax-deductible contribution of $25 or more per month helps provide a Guatemalan youth with a quality education.

When you sponsor a youth, you’ll receive your sponsored child’s family history and a photo by mail within a week of your first contribution. You will receive letters from your sponsored student apprising you of their progress and, if you wish, you would be able to write to them showing your support.

Sponsorship lasts as long as your student is in the program, or as long as you choose to continue as a sponsor. Most of our sponsor relationships last many years and have a lifelong impact on both the sponsors and their sponsored students.
Please read about one of the GSSG students who needs sponsors. If you decide that you would like to become a sponsor, please go to the Sponsorship section of the Donate page.

Verónica Chocooj Quip

VeronicaI am Verónica Chocooj Quip, 19 years old from the village Copal AA La Esperanza, Cobán, Alta Verapaz. My parents are José Chocooj and Juana Quip, I have four brothers and 5 sisters.

At age 6, I entered preschool in my village. The following year I started elementary school until I finished sixth grade in 2009. After that, I started middle school at Nuevo Amanecer, the only school in my village. Until then, my dream to keep studying have been going well because I was able to study close to home. After that, I could not continue my studies in my village, due to the lack of high schools.

Fortunately, the Instituto Maya Comunitario K’amolb’e was the closest high school to my village, two hours from a walking distance. For me, that was not a barrier and it was even encouraging when I got a scholarship. I studied to be a teacher for preschool children and I graduated in November 2015.

Although I still live at my parents’ home, I could not be supported by them for university education.

My intention was to keep studying but I couldn’t find funding for tuition, transportation, food and other spending that I would need during my education.

I am now looking for a job but it is very difficult due to my education level. I am also looking for scholarship opportunities so that I don’t have to work and study at the same time.

If I am given a scholarship, I guarantee an excellent school performance and I will try to exceed the expectation. Otherwise I would not be able to achieve my dream, to study Social Work at Rafael Landivar University and help my village.