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Major: Law (Licenciatura en Ciencias Jurídicas y Sociales)

School: Rafael Landivar University, Cobán, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala

Originally from: El Estor, Izabal, Guatemala

Mirian was born on February 8, 1993 in El Estor, Guatemala. One cannot help being impressed by her joyous personality, her unpretentious integrity. In simple goodness, she looks you straight in the eye, takes a genuine interest in what you are saying, and responds in pleasant and honest candor. Her frank and cheerful disposition is infectious. Yet, in Guatemala she lived in overwhelming poverty. Her family’s entire income was less than $1,000.

Her family inhabits a small home made of rough boards with a tin roof and no kitchen. Mirian’s parents cannot read or write. One of her five brothers is severely disabled and can neither speak nor walk. Yet, he too is happy and cheerful. The family diet consists almost entirely of tortillas and, rarely, black beans, but often they have nothing to eat. Rarely does the family members see a doctor or a dentist. On one occasion, Mirian tried to pull one of her teeth, but only succeeded in breaking it; the root abscessed. Soon after arrival in the USA to attend high school, she had surgery to remove it.

Her father works as a farmhand. Her mother cooks on an open fire and washes other people’s clothes. When we first met Mirian, she had one pair of shoes, for school, which her mother wore on weekends when she went to clean other peoples’ houses. Without GSSG help, sixth grade would have been Mirian’s last year of school because high school requires tuition.

Mirian graduated from Holy Trinity High School in the USA in 2013 and began her university education in Guatemala the following year. Since only about 3% of the population of Guatemala has ever been to college and only 17 out of 100 girls get as far as sixth grade, even if Mirian only had finished high school, she would easily find a decent job. If she graduates from a university, she will be a member of the small, upper middle class. Then she, like the other GSSG students, will dedicate herself to using her education to benefit her family and her country.

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