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The Guatemalan Student Support Group (GSSG) is a small non-profit started in 2003 and headquartered in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina. Its purpose is to identify promising Guatemalan students and offer them scholarships to college, and, in some cases, high school. At present, GSSG students are obtaining college degrees in such fields as Business, Nursing, Education, Medicine, Law, and Environmental Science.​

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I grew up in a large family, the 7th daughter of 10 siblings. My father was the only one who worked. Many of my brothers

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Carlos Coc

My name is Carlos Coc Xol, I was born in El Estor, a town that is located about 8 hours northeast of Guatemala City, on

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Hello!  My name is Kimberly Julissa López and I am 22 years old. I live in a town named San Antonio Aguas Calientes from the

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