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Major: International Affairs

School: San Carlos University, Guatemala City, Guatemala

Originally from: Carlos V, Cobán, Guatemala

GSSG’ Board of Trustees are very happy to welcome its newest scholar, Cornelio Isaias Poou Morán, who will receive a full scholarship to attend San Carlos University in Guatemala City.
Cornelio lives in small house made of wood with a dirt floor near the city of Cobán. His mother makes and sell tortillas to earn money to support her family but she makes less than US$55 a month. This small amount makes every day a challenge for her. Cornelio finds work when he can to help her. He was able to find enough work to cover about 80% of his high school expenses.

Cornelio began high school at Instituto Normal Mixto Del Norte but had to drop out for a while to earn money. However, he was able to return to school and credits his experience at this school with opening his eyes to the reality of his situation and sparking his desire to help others like himself who are really in need.

While in high school, he received a scholarship from the Embassy of the United States to study English. He is now using that skill to teach English to young people in the Esperanza community of Cobán where his high school is located.

In high school, Cornelio also participated in the Junior Achievement Program, which is a program whose aim is to teach young students the basics of business development. His group created a product that the group called Platarina. The product is made from plantains that are processed into flour. The flour is then made into a tasty and nutritious drink. The hope was the product could help eradicate malnutrition. His group also won first prize in Guatemala City in the entrepreneurship program, Diamond Challenge of the University of Delaware.

He describes himself as a visionary person who is setting out to reach his goals and dreams. He chose International Affairs as his major because he wants the chance to know about other cultures. He intends to apply that information to his society and then find ways to help. He knows other countries help Guatemala but he wants his own people to learn and use their own skills to develop their communities and support their families.

In his country, opportunities for a bright future are limited. He is grateful to GSSG for giving him the opportunity to better himself and, in turn, he is committed to helping others.

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