How To Support GSSG

You may sponsor a student for as little as $25/mo, or make a monthly or one-time contribution to the GSSG Scholarship Fund or to a GSSG Program of your choice.

GSSG Scholarship Fund

Donations to the Scholarship Fund are used to support students that may not have individual donors sponsoring them. The donations will be used for the student’s tuition, room & board, etc. Donations may be on a one-time basis or monthly.

GSSG Educational Programs

At present, specific GSSG Programs consist of the following: You may make a one-time or recurring donation.

Supplement Teacher’s Salaries At GSSG-affiliated Schools In Order To Retain Quality Teachers

Provide funding for School Books and Supplies (Textbooks Are Often Not Available To Guatemalan Students)

Support A Workshop For High School Students To Learn Good Study Habits And Life Skills

At checkout, indicate whether the donation goes to fund a specific Educational Program or the General Education Fund.

Sponsor A Student

Sponsor a student for $25/month!


Make a one-time contribution to a student

To sponsor a specific student, go to “Our Students” page and click on the photo of the student. You will be directed to their individual page where you can sponsor them by clicking the “Sponsor Name”  button.

All other donations can be made using the button below.