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As a sponsor, you are crucial to our mission to educate Guatemalan youth, who can then work to bring significant improvement to the socioeconomic conditions in their country. Your tax-deductible contribution of $25 or more per month helps provide a Guatemalan youth with a quality education.

When you sponsor a youth, you’ll receive your sponsored youth’s family history and a photo by mail within a week of your first contribution. You will receive letters from your sponsored student apprising you of their progress and, if you wish, you would be able to write to them showing your support.

Sponsorship lasts as long as your student is in the program, or as long as you choose to continue as a sponsor. Most of our sponsor relationships last many years and have a lifelong impact on both the sponsors and their sponsored students.

Please look through the photographs of our students. For more information on a particular student, click on the link below his/her name. If you decide to sponsor that student click on the link to the Donate page.

Xch’ool Ixim Partnership
We are very excited to report that our partner organization, Xch’ool Ixim, graduated 6 high school (diversificado) students and 26 middle school (básico) students.
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GSSG Financials
  GSSG has recently added the FY2015 IRS Form 990 as well as the Balance Sheet for 31 December 2015
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GSSG is on Facebook
The Guatemalan Student Support Group now has an official Facebook page! It is as follows: http://www.facebook.com/gssg.usa. If you are on
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Smiling Girl
Shopping to Support GSSG
Amazon.com (Smile.Amazon.com) You can help support the Guatemalan Student Support Group (GSSG) every time you make a purchase through AmazonSmile.
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Priscilla Otto
Priscilla Otto Leadership Award
Dr. David Otto, husband of the late Mrs. Priscilla Otto, has funded an award to the student who best exhibits
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Sponsorship Success Stories

A Report of Samuel’s Volunteer Work

After traveling in June to the USA thanks to GSSG’s enculturation program, Samuel, a GSSG scholar, learned about a different culture and has since felt compelled and challenged to give something back to his community.
In August, he applied to the Educational Supervisor of his municipality to do a social project focused on healthy eating for children and adolescents in public elementary schools but he was turned down. However, he persisted and, with the help of his church, he was able to hold a workshop for women, “Healthy and Nutritive Food Preparation with Limited Resources”.
The attendees received basic information about food groups: proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals and learned to cook food items not common in their daily diet.
Samuel demonstrated his commitment to give back to his community in response to the educational opportunity that you, GSSG donors, are giving to him.

A Note from Martha

Martha, a former GSSG scholar, updates us on her work in Guatemala. “I am Martha, a former GSSG student from 2009-2014. I have been involved in other programs with the vision of helping the Guatemalan people. I am currently part of a nonprofit organization that comes every summer to build schools in remote areas.
I am also working as an English teacher. I remember when I first travelled to USA, how scared I was. I didn’t understand anything and could never have imagined I was going to become an English teacher. I am nothing but very thankful to GSSG for giving me the tools I am using now to help in one way or another my people.” 

A Note from Nancy

Nancy expresses her  appreciation: ”First, I thank God for allowing me to get this far. Thank you to Dr. John Bodoh for believing in me…He is the reason where I am today..………Thank you Lic. Jorge Paque for being my graduation sponsor……. Also I want to thank my family, Dr. Goehl, host families, sponsors, and friends, for helping and guiding me in so many ways through life and education……you always will be part of my life..… Now, I am going for the second step of my career and I can’t wait for that to happen and share with you. May God bless each one of you!!!”

An Update on Byron’s Work

Getting an education in the remote villages in Guatemala is difficult. One reason is the challenge of attracting and keeping good teachers for indigenous schools. Teacher pay is low and the schools are distant from towns.

Byron Cap, a GSSG graduate, saw the need to bring a highly qualified teacher and principal to his former school in the Maya village of Chiallí (Escuela Oficial Rural Mixta Chiallí). With GSSG’s donors providing the funding, Byron was able to find such a person, Oswaldo Si Caal. Oswaldo is an exceptional teacher and principal who has used innovative ways to stimulate and educate the Maya children.

So with your donations, GSSG is working to not only provide scholarships but also give the Guatemalan people an opportunity to have better schools for their children. This is another way GSSG is helping to light the way for the future Guatemalan leaders. Your donations are making it possible now for a whole village to profit from their children gaining a better education.