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Click on a student to learn more about them. While reading biographies, you might come across some unfamiliar terms having to do with the Guatemalan educational system.  To go to a quick Glossary click on the highlighted word in the student bio, or to go to a more complete description of the Guatemalan educational system, click here.


I grew up in a poor and humble family; my parents are farmers and we worked in the fields together. We had a house made of straw and wood. I remember very well that when it rained at night we would get wet when we slept. At that time we

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Pablo (Jose)

This is Pablo Cucul. I was born in Cobán, but I have lived most of my life in San Pedro Carchá. I am twenty-nine years of age. I am the third child out seven children in my family. I found out about the Guatemalan Student Support Group when I was

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My name is Ricardo Quib Mucú. I am from a village called El Limón Yalicar, Chisec of Alta Verapaz. I live with my parents and siblings. We work in agriculture to sustain ourselves. The work we do requires spending about 10 to 11 hours of hard work every day in

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My name is Rolan Eriberto Cristobal Coc Choc. I was born in a beautiful village called El Bongo, El Estor, Izabal.  I am twenty-seven years old and in my personality I try to include the traits of  generosity, thoughtfulness, and kindness. I always encourage fighting for what you desire and

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My name is Samuel David Ramirez Calderon,  I am the youngest of my siblings. Although I was born in the department of San Marcos, I grew up and went to school in the city of Jalpatagua, department of Jutiapa. Before my parents had to move to another place, they worked

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Sandra Bolom

My name is Sandra Margarita Bolom Macz. My first language is Qéqchi, my second language is Spanish and my third is English. When I was a little girl I only spoke Q´eqchi´ and I did not understand any Spanish at all. I grew up in a small village which is

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Learn About The Guatemalan Education System

The educational system in Guatemala has some similarities and some differences from the one here in the US.  Like the American system, education is divided into primary (grades 1-6), middle (grades 7-9), and secondary (grades 10-12).  Unlike the US, only primary school is mandatory, and is the only level of education supported by the government.