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Click on a student to learn more about them. While reading biographies, you might come across some unfamiliar terms having to do with the Guatemalan educational system.  To go to a quick Glossary click on the highlighted word in the student bio, or to go to a more complete description of the Guatemalan educational system, click here.

Sandra Bolom

Sandra is a student at Mariano Gàlvez University majoring in Accounting. She hopes to graduate this year. She is a single mom, and is teaching English to make ends meet while attending school.

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Sandra Coc

Sandra graduated from Law School last year, but has decided to return to school to be certified in Family Law. She would like to work with low-income families in such areas as domestic violence, divorce, and child custody.

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Urzula has completed her requirements to be certified as an elementary school teacher, and is now finishing her coursework for a Licenciatura (Bachelor’s) degree in Educational Administration. Urzula is a single mom who supports both her mother and her two young sons.

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photo of veronica, a student that received a scholarship


Veronica is in her second year at Rafael Landivar University. She is majoring in Bilingual Intercultural Education. She already has her teaching degree, and has been teaching since 2020 at a non-profit school in her home village.

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Learn About The Guatemalan Education System

The educational system in Guatemala has some similarities and some differences from the one here in the US.  Like the American system, education is divided into primary (grades 1-6), middle (grades 7-9), and secondary (grades 10-12).  Unlike the US, only primary school is mandatory, and is the only level of education supported by the government.