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Click on a student to learn more about them. While reading biographies, you might come across some unfamiliar terms having to do with the Guatemalan educational system.  To go to a quick Glossary click on the highlighted word in the student bio, or to go to a more complete description of the Guatemalan educational system, click here.

Sandra Coc

A young girl named Sandra grew up in the village of El Estor, and had limited chances to go to school because one of her sisters started school but didn’t finish. Her parents were upset about it and thought that Sandra would do the same thing.  Sandra begged and cried

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My name is Urzula Yanira Milian Tiul.  I was born in San Pablo Tamahu, Alta Verapaz in the year 1991, being the last of 5 brothers and sisters. My mother and father didn’t have steady jobs and were always looking for a way to get ahead.  When I was 10

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photo of veronica, a student that received a scholarship


Hello! My name is Verónica Chocooj. I was born on July 3, 1996 in the village Copal AA la Esperanza, Cobán Alta Verapaz. My father´s name is José Chocooj and my mother´s name is Juana Quip. I have 4 brothers and 6 sisters including myself. During my first months of

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Learn About The Guatemalan Education System

The educational system in Guatemala has some similarities and some differences from the one here in the US.  Like the American system, education is divided into primary (grades 1-6), middle (grades 7-9), and secondary (grades 10-12).  Unlike the US, only primary school is mandatory, and is the only level of education supported by the government.