Byron Cap

Graduation Year


Byron Cap graduated three years ago, and has been involved in a number of projects since then.  Byron seems to excel in developing businesses that both fill a need in his local community and at the same time provide jobs and income.  His first venture was to organize a coffee cooperative that allows local growers to pool their product and resources so that they can scale up and sell their coffee to a much larger market.  Byron handles the distribution and marketing, and now their coffee is sold in several places in Guatemala and also, through the internet, in the US and other countries.  Check it out at “Byron’s Coffee” on Facebook, or order through Green Cafeen (

More recently, the onset of Covid-19 caused all Guatemalan schools to only teach remotely, and it quickly became apparent to Byron that students in his village (Tactic) were at a distinct disadvantage because of the lack of a decent internet signal.  Byron and some friends thus built what he described as an “internet café”, which consists of a large antenna tower to pick up and broadcast internet signals, and computers (first 4, now up to 7 or 8) and computer desks all contained within a cozy wooden building.  Students are allowed to use the computers for free, but because many of the younger students were unfamiliar with the workings of remote teaching and even the basic operation of computers, Byron recruited some of his friends (who were now also stuck in Tactic) to serve as “computer coaches”.  These older students are paid a small stipend, which is helping their families survive during the pandemic.  GSSG is proud to have partnered with Byron on this project, and funding has been extended to the end of this year.