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Major: Secondary Teaching Program in Bilingual Intercultural Education

School: Rafael Landívar University, San Juan Chamelco, Alta Verapaz

Originally from: Copal AA La Esperanza, Cobán, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala

Verónica is 19 years old from the village Copal AA La Esperanza, Cobán, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala. Her parents, José Chocooj and Juana Quip, have four sons and 5 daughters.

At age 6, she entered preschool in her village. The following year she started elementary school and finished sixth grade in 2009 and then attended a middle school (Nuevo Amanecer). She dreamed of continuing her studies in a high school but there wasn’t a school close to her home.

This did not stop this determined young lady. The closest high school to her village was the Instituto Maya Comunitario K’amolb’e, a walking distance of two hours. For her, that distance was not a barrier.  She persisted in her studies and eventually won a scholarship. In high school, she studied to be a teacher for preschool children and graduated in November 2015.

Although she really wanted to continue her education at the university level, her parents were not able to support her.

She herself could not earn the money for college tuition, transportation, lodging, and meals. So, she thought her dream of a university education was just that, a dream. Then, because of a partnership between GSSG Instituto Maya Comunitario K’amolb’e, she applied for and won a scholarship from GSSG.

Now that she has a scholarship, she is determined to learn much and earn excellent grades. She is determined to exceed all expectations. She is now studying social work at Rafael Landivar University and, on graduation, plans to use her skills to help her village.

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